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Conversions of the Ad Buyer

Over the shoulder, "kitchen" peek at the ins & outs of running successful Facebook and Google ads campaigns. And just to be fair - I got plenty examples of campaigns which don't work :)

We'll take a look at them as well. 

Tips, tricks, and hacks on how to use Google and Facebook ads to sell your product or services.

This site contains a bunch of articles, videos, and tips which should help you to understand the potential of social media advertising and how to use them to generate new leads and customers.

It does not aspire to be a full course on how to create and run ads.
It is a selection of hints and real life strategies to help you run ads
on daily basis. 

Your comments and feedback are very welcomed!

30,000 feet overview

No matter if you are using FB or Google ads, there is certain structure to all of them. Let's take a look at the common steps you need to take in order to get things going


Ads pyramid - what is it?

Few shortcuts which you may find useful:


Step by step instructins on how to improve your FB and Google ads

Case Studies

Real life scenarios, stuff that works and current projects

Tools & Resources

Websites, books, podcasts, and people to follow. 

Get in Touch

If you have a question, comments or want to reach out.


Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools to help you run your campaigns.

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About Me.

My long marriage to marketing and design goes all the way back to 1996. I've run few different businesses including graphic design studio, web development company and finally the online marketing agency. For the past few years, I am working with the variety of companies, helping them to generate leads and create customers using social media marketing with special attention to Facebook and Google Ads.

As an online store owner myself, I am also involved in building high-end
e-commerce eco systems using Shopify and WordPress platforms. I have numerous projects under my belt ranging from simple dropshipping stores all the way to multi-level sales funnels for 50,000+ items suppliers.

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